*Character Sketch Conference Form

Character Sketch Peer Conference

Writer’s name: _______________________  

Your name: __________________________

Character sketches should include certain types of details. Use this checklist to help your peer know where they have sufficient details or where they should add more.

*Does this paper include multiple, detailed descriptions for the following areas? Check the appropriate box.

Details found throughout the paper

Details found in a few places

There are no details on this topic.

Physical description – looks clothing, facial expressions, etc.

Speech, thoughts, actions

Purpose, mood, meaning

Word choice


*What can you infer about the character’s personality based on what you read?

*What is the mood/emotion the author has created?  Does it match the mood on the plan sheet?

*List at least two details from the text that support your inference about the mood.

*Pick one sentence that is really vivid. Put a smiley face by that sentence. 

*Find one part of the paper that you think is unclear/ confusing. Circle that part. Explain what’s confusing. Also, include a suggestion below to help make it more clear.

-What’s confusing?

-How could it be fixed?

*Circle a sentence you think could use more detailed words. Write an example of a strong sentence below.

-Weak sentence:

-Improved sentence:

*Transitions are words or phrases that help connect the different parts of a paper. Find one place where the paper’s flow is confusing or choppy. Write a “T” here to show the author needs to add a transition. Write a suggestion for the transition here. 

*What do you like about this paper? Be specific!