*ETM guidelines

The Outsiders Narrative Writing -Explode the Moment

1.  Rather than focusing on one event, an Explode the Moment focuses on a very brief time period/segment of an event (about 10-30 seconds).  

2.  Think of a pivotal event for one of the characters in the novel.    Think about each moment of that event (picture it happening in slow motion).   Which one small chunk has the greatest impact on that character?      Pick that moment to explode.

3.  Complete the ETM plan sheet focusing on sensory details – what did the character see, hear, feel, taste, touch during that 10-30 second interval?  When completing the plan sheet keep in mind that a word is NOT a specific detail.  For example, when you’re brainstorming things you see don’t write down “people”.  You need to describe what the people look like (i.e. “people look like tiny, colorful dolls”).  Make sure you have at least FIVE specific details for each of the SIX areas.  

4.  Write a rough draft.  Unlike a traditional narrative that has a beginning, middle, & end, the ETM will focus primarily on the sensory details the character experiences during the 10-30 second interval about which you’re writing.   Your ETM should be at least ONE AND A HALF pages.   Double space your draft.   Make sure it’s in Google Classroom!  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING IN A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR DRAFT!

5.  Revisions should be made on your rough draft.

**Use the skipped lines/extra space.  Write revisions in a different color pen.

**Add a 6 word memoir as a title.   We’ll discuss this in class.

**Conference your paper.   

-Final draft should be typed or neatly handwritten in blue or black ink.

Due dates:

Plan sheet: Tues., 2/16/21 RD:  Thurs., 2/18/21 PRINT!!

Revisions: Tues., 2/23/21 FD:  Tues., 2/23/21