*ETM peer conference

Writer’s Name: _____________________ Your Name: ___________________

Explode the Moment Peer Conference

*Goal:  Central idea is clear & remains focused on one moment throughout.  (purpose/meaning)

Does the writer describe only ONE specific moment in the piece?    YES   or   NO

Describe the moment.

*Goal:  Strong hook, strong conclusion, & strong reflection.  (structure/organization)

Does the writer include a strong hook?    YES   or   NO

Is the conclusion strong and memorable?    YES   or   NO

Does the writer include a reflection in the conclusion?      YES or NO

*Goal:  Student orients reader with strong POV & sequence(structure/organization)

Does the writer stay consistently in the same point of view?     YES   or   NO

Does the sequence (order of events) make sense?    YES   or   NO

*Goal:  Variety of transitional phrases used throughout.  (structure/organization)

Does the writer include transitional phrases?     YES   or   NO

-Underline one transitional phrase on the paper.  If there aren’t any, make a suggestion for a transition.

*GoalConsistent & effective use of precise words, phrases, & sensory details to convey experiences & events.  (craft/style)

Does the writer have strong word choice?    YES   or   NO

Are sensory details included for every sense?    YES   or   NO

Copy down one sentence with strong word choice.

Copy down one sentence that doesn’t have strong word choice.   Include a suggestion for revision.

*Goal:  Consistent & effective use of a variety of sentence beginnings, lengths, & styles.  (craft/style)

How many times does the writer start with phrases like I saw, I heard, I smelled?

Copy down one sentence from the paper that starts with a phrase like I saw, I heard, I smelled.   Make a suggestion for revision.

How many sensory details are included for each of the senses?

Smell  _____ Sight  _____ Sound    _____

Touch _____ Taste _____ Feelings _____

*Goal:   Few/minor errors.  (conventions)

Tell the writer about any spelling errors, grammatical errors, or typos you notice. 


Make one specific suggestion for revisions/improvement.