*Start with a question

    *Have you ever wondered what a breaking bone sounds like?

    *Have you ever fallen out of a tree?

*Use flashback

    *Two years ago today, it all started. 

    *Fourth grade seems like so long ago, but it really wasn’t.   I remember my                   teacher, Mrs. Phillips.  She was so sweet.

*Start with dialogue

    “What’s wrong with you?” exclaimed Braden.

    “Me???? What’s wrong with you?” retorted Nicole.


*Set the scene:  describe where/when/background

    *The rain was coming down in sheets.  The loose screen door howled as the wind         tore around the house.

    *It was a dark and stormy night.

    *Hot sand, cool water, soft breezes.  That’s how I remember Cozumel.


*Start at the end

    *Although I didn’t realize it then, I learned a lot by the end of the ordeal.


*Introduce the characters

    *Sally’s hair covered her face like a sheet of rain.


*Jump right into the action

    *I jumped off the plane and reached for the ripcord.  Nothing was there!