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*Opinion Journals


Good writers write.   They write often,  and they keep the pen moving over the page.      Start with one of the topics below (try to pick a new one each week), and let your brain take you wherever it wants to go.   Just like with our conversations with friends and family, we may start on one topic but veer off in a completely different direction.   The same is true of journal writing.  Journal writing helps you build your writing skills by allowing you to freely write your thoughts and opinions.   Forget about the pressure of writing for a grade.   Forget about the pressure of coming up with a topic.  Your goal here is to do one thing - write!

Directions: Click on the link to your assigned or chosen topic.  Read other entries to give your brain a chance to focus on the task at hand.  Take a few minutes to think about what you want to write.  You may respond to what others have written about the topic, add your own thoughts on the topic, or you can do both.  Below are some specific rules that you MUST FOLLOW.    

  • Do not use anyone’s name

  • Nothing is anonymous - date and sign your entry each time

  • If you write something that needs to be shared with parents or an administrator, it will be.

  • Use clean language and be respectful to the ideas of others.

  • Begin your entry at the top of each page.

  • Keep writing.   Write for a minimum of five minutes without stopping.   Let your brain take you where it wants to go.