*CR/ICE Mini-Sample ("7th Grade")

Lisa Bernstein


“7th Grade” Constructed Response Essay


Name, date, title

    “7th Grade” by Gary Soto is a realistic short story about one boy’s drive to get the girl of his dreams.   He spends his first day of school practicing ways to impress her and stalking her around the building.   The author presents a realistic version of the life of a 7th grader.


-Title, author



    One way the author creates a realistic vision of 7th grade life is through the development of realistic characters.     At one point in his day Victor gets the chance to impress Teresa as they’re finally in class together.  The author writes, “Great rosebushes of red bloomed on Victor’s cheeks.   A river of nervous sweat ran down his palms.   Victor mumbled, “Frenchie oh wewe gee in September” (lines 135-138).   This clearly presents a realistic portrayal of a 7th grader.   Wanting to impress someone you like when you’re first interested in dating is common.   Sadly, we don’t always make the best choices when our emotions are involved or we’re under pressure.    Victor clearly shows this through his action.   

1st Body Par.:

-Topic sentence

-Intro. text evidence


-In-text citation

-Explain (connect to claim)