*Sample CR ("Spot Goes High Tech")

Using Text Support – ICE Review rev.9/19 

General Tips:

-Read the prompt/question before you read the excerpt.    As you read, think about how you can best answer & support the prompt/question.

-Write in 3rd person.

-Follow the format for each of the four paragraphs (as noted below).

-Reread your entire essay from start to finish when you’re done.   Make changes as needed.    



*Introductory paragraph:

The purpose of the introductory paragraph is to give the reader an overview of the passage and your response to the prompt/question.  You should write as if the reader has not read the original passage.  Include the following information in the order noted below:

-Title, author (if known), general overview of the passage, response to the prompt/question

Student sample/From “Spot Goes High Tech” – Can robotic pets provide adequate companionship for the elderly?

         In the article ¨Spot Goes High Tech¨, it shares how researchers in Indiana are studying a robotic dog (¨Aibo¨) and are trying to determine if this invention can do the same things as real dogs and can provide them with love and affection. After doing many things like taking ¨Aibo¨ to a nursing home for it to meet the senior citizens, researchers noticed how the elderly appreciated it´s company. After reading this article, it is clear that ¨Aibo¨ can successfully provide adequate companionship for the elderly. 


*Body paragraphs:

You should have two body paragraphs.   Each body paragraph should develop one idea & provide text evidence to support that idea.   Include the following information in each body paragraph in the order noted below:

-State the main idea/support in the topic sentence.

-Introduce your first idea (Set the stage – Who’s talking? To whom?  What’s happening in the part of the excerpt where your support is from?)

-Cite your text evidence.  You can use a quote or a summary.  If you use a quote, make sure that it’s a complete quote & your introduction fully explains to the reader where the quote’s from/who’s speaking.  Include the line numbers (in shorter excerpts) or the page numbers (in full length text) to indicate where the reader can find the text evidence.  

-Explain how your citation connects back to/supports your answer.

Student sample/From “Spot Goes High Tech” – Can robotic pets provide adequate companionship for the elderly?


To start, one way this invention provides companionship and is a good product for the elderly is that it is easy to take care of. When introducing what the article ¨Spot goes high tech¨ is mainly about, it mentions how surprisingly easy it is to manage. As stated in the article, ¨Researchers in Indiana are trying to figure out if robots - which no one has to feed or walk - can do the same thing as flesh and blood animals¨ (lines 1-3). This connects to ¨Aibo¨ being compatible because instead of it being a burden that you need to take care of, it is a benefit. This is a very good quality because you won't have to worry about making sure itś healthy, feeding him or her, and making sure it has somebody to take care of it when you're away. Also, this is helpful because since senior citizens usually need assistance with taking care of themselves like showering and dressing, so they should not have to worry about taking care of another thing. Also, they would not give it the exercise it needs because it is dangerous for them to be walking around often because they might fall and possibly break a bone. 

To add on, ¨Aibo¨ provides adequate companionship for the elderly because it administers love and affection. In the article ¨Spot goes high Tech¨, it shares how the elderly perceived and reacted to this new product. In the text, it states, ¨You can see smiling, laughing, remembering the good things and talking among each other.¨ Says Beck. ¨This is more that just diversion. This is kind of a therapidic event, where people really benefit from the experience¨ (lines 50-54). This proves that ¨Aibo¨ provides companionship because when they brought it to the nursing home, it showed benefits towards the elderly.  It is important that this invention can do that because at this point in age, the elderly long for companionship. At this point in life, senior citizens can be lonely because there families are all grown up and don't have as much time to visit them. Also, most of their friends from when they were younger have passed away and the elderly aren't as social as when they were younger. This new invention is also programmed to respond to certain commands and comments like any usual dog would. 



The purpose of the conclusion is to wrap up your paper.  Restate your position & your main ideas/support.

Student sample/From “Spot Goes High Tech” – Can robotic pets provide adequate companionship for the elderly?

         To sum it up, in this article ¨Spot goes high tech¨, it proves that the ¨Abio¨ provides adequate companionship and is something that senior citizens and anybody else can really benefit from. It does this by being super easy to take care of and by providing companionship and affection like any living dog would.