*Sample ICE Essay Framework

You can use the following ICE framework to help you put together simple body paragraphs when you’re required to use text support.  Always read the prompt carefully before you start as that will determine what needs to be included.   

The text in black gives a sample transition into each section.    The blank lines indicate you should add information.   The text in blue is an explanation of what to include.   

Essay Frame:

Introduction:  Author/title, brief overview, thesis (response to the question).

   _____ by _____ is about ______ (2-3 sentences).    Through this story/article, ____________ (Put your thesis here/answer to the question).


Body paragraphs:   Introduce your text support (what’s happening in the scene?), cite lines from the text that illustrate the character trait you chose (end with line #’s in parentheses), explain how the lines you cited illustrate the chosen character trait, end with the method of characterization (this can also be included other ways)

   One way that the author shows ___ is  ___ (Start with a topic sentence that introduces the main idea you’ll focus on in the paragraph.  This should only take one sentence).  At one point in the essay _____ (What’s happening?   Who’s involved? This only needs to be one sentence). __(Who’s citing the lines – character or narrator?)___ states, _____(“Put lines in quotes”)_______ (lines _-_). (Cite more than one line. Line numbers go in parentheses after the quote but before the period.   “Quote” (lines).). This shows  ___(Mention the thesis when you transition into the explanation.) by _________(Explain how the lines you cited connect your citation back to your thesis. This should be the longest section.  One sentence doesn’t usually provide a clear and detailed explanation.)


*Repeat with the 2nd body paragraph.


Conclusion:  Restate your thesis, summarize your main points.

   Overall,  __________ (Restate your thesis.). This is shown through  ______ & _____ (Summarize the two main ideas from each of your body paragraphs.).