The majority of the reading curriculum is centered around the McDougal-Littell Literature anthology.   Each reading unit focuses on one or more specific areas of literature (the focus of each unit is listed at the bottom of this page). Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are woven into each unit throughout the year.  There are a variety of excerpts from both fiction & nonfiction sources.  Students will have a textbook or ebook to use at home in order to complete nightly reading & homework assignments and test preparation.  There will be a class set for use in school.   Additionally, we will work to reinforce skills through novel study a couple of times during the year.

The language arts & music departments will work together this year to integrate curricula.   Each trimester we will spend three weeks on an integrated unit.  Our focus will be to highlight common core skills that are woven across traditionally separated subject areas.  Integration will allow us to build on students' prior knowledge & experience and  will help to unify their learning.

The focus of each anthology unit is as follows:

Unit 1:  Plot, conflict, & setting

Unit 2:  Analyzing character & point of view

Unit 3:  Understanding theme

Unit 4:  Mood, tone, & style

Unit 5:  Appreciating poetry

Unit 6:  Myths, legends, & tales

Unit 7:  Biography & autobiography

Unit 8:  Information, argument, & persuasion

Unit 9:  The power of research