Park's 7th grade vocabulary study is centered around Vocabulary From Latin & Greek Roots:  A Study Of Word Families (Prestwick House).  Students study a variety of prefixes, roots, & suffixes to increase their vocabulary,  as well as improve their ability to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.  Each lesson is comprised of two units. Each unit within a lesson will be broken down into smaller sections, focusing on stem/word meaning, application, & connections.

Assessments will focus on knowledge of both the stems (roots, prefixes, suffixes) and the keywords.  The portion of the assessment focusing on roots will be cumulative throughout the year, however, students will only be responsible for keywords from the current lesson (two unit cycle). 

For optimum success, students should review words daily. Students will be able to retake quizzes and tests as long as the retake is completed before the next assessment. In order to retake an assessment, students will need to show evidence of further study (i.e. making flashcards, creating a picture chart, completing a practice quiz with a parent). Students will need to arrange a time with me to retake the quiz or test (before/after school or at lunch).

Be sure to check out the vocabulary supports offered through this website - word lists, flash cards, online quizzes/games for review, & more.