Ms. bernstein's la/reading

As we move into fall, we’re wrapping up a short unit focusing on being an active reader. We’ve covered some key reading strategies, ways to find the main idea, the impact of an author’s perspective, and some resources if extra support is needed. We’ll then delve into our first main reading unit. The unit focus is on plot, conflict, & setting. We’ll also start working more in depth on constructed response literary analysis. Students generally can find relevant text evidence without much difficulty. We’ll certainly cover that, but we’ll take a closer look at how you connect that text evidence back to the claim. Check the “reading” tab for resources (CR samples, CR framework, ICE information, etc.).

Our vocabulary study will continue throughout the year. We’ll cover how to decode words in context, but we also study Greek & Latin bases. There are a variety of resources available on the class website (check under the “vocab.” tab on the side). Base & word lists are available, along with printable flashcards, links to reviews I’ve put together through Quizlet, and etymology resources. Regular review is the key to success on the vocabulary assessments.